Week 1: How to announce to the world that you have new songs

Option #1: throw a parade. hope someone comes.

Option #2: say it like this:

The Invisible Cities are pleased to announce that we have a few new songs to share with you all.

Today’s song is called Freeze Ray Knees, and it’s all of 75 seconds long. This song is one of the lucky ones because it does have a video, directed by and starring the talented Ms. Melissa Hung.

Recorded quickly and almost entirely recorded at our homes, they’re a shade trashier than some of the other stuff you’ve heard from us. We’ve been having fun making them and are excited to finally put them out into the world.

Rather than releasing them into the wild all at once, starting today we’ll introduce them to you one at a time for the next 10 Fridays. Some of the songs will have little videos to accompany them, and some probably won’t. This is because we don’t have videos for all of them. Yet.

If you like it, you can listen to it a million times on YouTube for free. If you feel you must own it, you are cordially invited to purchase a copy for your library from our Bandcamp site:


Also, we would love it if you could tell your friends.

You could tweet at them like this:

Hey, the @theinvisicities have a new song called Freeze Ray Knees — check out the video here! http://bit.ly/KQId3L

Or you could post on Facebook, or y’know, talk to your friends — that is good too.

Thanks for reading — stay tuned for the next song next Friday!

The Invisible Cities


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